A web site called

Answer dont go to it. i had the same thing happen to me, you won't get to see anything it is just spam.

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Is there really a site called Facebook sluts?

Most probably.....considering the fact that Facebook is a most popular site nowadays. The unrestricted chance of exploiting the self is tempting? Those who are really on a 'hunting cruise' would ... Read More »

What's that one site where you can google stuff called?

I was told a site called bt junkie were you can get cds and films on.?

Try using VLC player it supports most files and it is free.Get it from................ Luck

Have you ever heard of or read about a community site called Zenzuu?

Checked it out. It looks like a Facebook for the upper classes! Seems interesting though. I guess if you get into it early and it gets as big as facebook, you could make some cash.