What was the significance of the foreign policy during the cold war?

Answer The Cubans were sort of not on great terms with the U.S. at the time, so it was possible that they would fire their nuclear missiles at us, maybe forcing us into war with them. we definitely did no... Read More »

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What Concepts Are Children Learning During Reading?

As a child learns to read and begins to read independently, she develops and expands on concepts related to language. All of our communication is founded on language, whether it is spoken or unspok... Read More »

What is a blood pressure reading during aerobic exercise?

The top number in a blood pressure reading indicates artery pressure at the moment of a heartbeat; the bottom number indicates pressure in the space between beats. Because your heart rate increases... Read More »

What are the pros and cons of having a wooden frame swimming pool as opposed to a steel or concrete frame?

Answer In above ground models, wood is much better than steel. If you "rough house" in a steel pool, you potentially could knock it down. It you run into it with a bike or lawn tractor you will l... Read More »

What desktop monitor has no frame or little frame?

Samsung makes a thin edge monitor.…For many screens you must use an AMD eyefinity type of video system and capable video cards.http://www.seamlessdisplay... Read More »