Which model of DNA replication is supported by Stahl and Meselson?

Answer Following Watson and Crick's proposal regarding the double helix model of DNA, Meselson and Stal supported the correct model for DNA replication as semi-conservative. The double-stranded DNA helix ... Read More »

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True Experiments Vs. Quasi Experiments?

All experiments, whether conducted in the laboratory or away from the laboratory in the field, involve manipulating one or more independent variables and observing the effect on a dependent variabl... Read More »

What is the origin of the name Matthew?

The boy's name Matthew is Hebrew in origin, meaning "gift of the Lord." Matthew was one of the 12 apostles of Jesus and was responsible for writing the first gospel of the New Testament of the Bibl... Read More »

What was Matthew Stafford's number?

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What type of camera did matthew brady use?

Matthew Brady used a daguerreotype in his early work, and changed when photographic equipment and processes changed. When the wet plate process, callodion, became available, he used that process. H... Read More »