What is the significance of the Jerusalem cross?

Answer The Jerusalem cross is a Christian symbol comprising a large Greek cross with smaller Greek crosses in each of the four quadrants. The five crosses signify both the reach of Christianity and the fi... Read More »

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What is a Jerusalem cross?

According to, the Jerusalem Cross was a Christian symbol used in the middle ages to symbolize Jesus Christ's desire to spread the Gospel to every corner of the Earth. Derived from the G... Read More »

What is the meaning of the jerusalem cross?

The Jerusalem cross, also known as the Crusaders Cross, is a Greek cross with four smaller Greek crosses in each quadrant. Pope Urban II gave it to the crusaders for the first crusade. There are se... Read More »

What does the Jerusalem Cross symbolize?

The Jerusalem Cross symbolizes the five wounds of Christ and "the four gospels proclaimed to the four corners of the earth," according to the God Web website. The site goes on to say the "large cro... Read More »

Who's at fault in a three car accident when the first car stops to let pedistrians cross in the middle of the street and not at the cross walk They were jay walking?

Answer Not the first car that stopped. It is legal to stop a car on the street. Sounds like you and the guy behind you. Sorry. Answer pedistrians always have the right of way Answer pedistrians ... Read More »