What city does Noel Fielding live in?

Answer Chicago

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What was Noel MacNeal's first role on Sesame Street?

His first role on the show was a store clerk; he had one line, to tell Grover that he was closed, and to go to another line, which he flubbed.Season 16 I Believe....

Will Noel Clarke be in torchwood?

Rumours say that he is not going to be in Torchwood Series 3. And evidence backs this up as he is filming for other things. But as for series in the future - who knows?

How to Make Vegan Buche De Noel?

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What is the significance of the piñata?

The significance of the piñata has changed over time. It was originally used for pagan holiday celebrations, then later, the custom of breaking a piñata became part of Catholic religious ceremoni... Read More »