What is the significance of grave stone markings?

Answer The markings on a grave stone are important regardless of how elaborate or simple the marker is constructed. Certain elements should always be included on the grave stone.Historical RecordMarkings ... Read More »

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What is the significance of gravestone markings?

Gravestones don't reveal only the name, birth date and death date for the person buried there. According to the Association for Gravestone Studies, gravestone markings can tell you about the deceas... Read More »

What is the historical significance of the rosetta stone?

The Rosetta Stone, a ¾-ton chunk of basalt with three languages written on it, was the key to deciphering the meaning of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. It was first discovered in 1799 in Egypt bu... Read More »

Neck markings?

yep, and old people wont sit down next to you on the bus

What do the markings mean on U.S. currency?

While many of the markings on U.S. currency are placed on the bills to simply make them harder to forge, some of the markings have specific meanings in a traditional, legal and useful way. Not each... Read More »