What is the significance of a committee assignment for a member of Congress?

Answer The committee assignments that a member of Congress receives can dictate how big an impact she can make. The right assignments bring prestige, power and increased ability to help constituents.Prest... Read More »

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How to Run a Committee?

Committees can be extremely difficult to run, considering that members are volunteering their time to serve and have many additional obligations to fulfill in their daily lives. Being the chairpers... Read More »

Help with C++ assignment?

right before return 0; add system("pause"). Recompile and run. It'll ask you before closing the compiler.Also, your logic is faulty. You do not need to write such a lengthy code.I wrote a similar c... Read More »

What Is an Assignment Fee?

An assignment fee is a fee obtained by an assignor for relinquishing a contract to a new party, known as the assignee. Assignment fees are commonly used in property contracts, partnerships, and int... Read More »

How to Have a Pretty Committee Spa Day?

Did you always want to hold or go to a Pretty Committee Spa? Read on!