What is the significance of the piñata?

Answer The significance of the piñata has changed over time. It was originally used for pagan holiday celebrations, then later, the custom of breaking a piñata became part of Catholic religious ceremoni... Read More »

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What is the significance of the red carpet?

The red carpet is a symbol of glamour associated with heads of state, dignitaries and Hollywood stars. It is typically laid out before an entrance to a major event.AgamemnonSome trace the symbolic ... Read More »

What significance do emeralds have?

On One Hand: Special DatesEmeralds are the birthstone for the month of May and the traditional gift material for the 55th wedding anniversary. In addition, they are the gift stone for the 20th and ... Read More »

What is the Significance of the Quill Pen?

No other handwriting tool has the provenance of the quill pen. Quill pens were used to record and document religious tracts, fine manuscripts, great works of literature, books, legal treatises and ... Read More »

The Significance of Moonstone?

Moonstone is best characterized by the way its color seems to undulate with light. It is as if movement actually brings the stone to three-dimensional life. In the jewelry trade, this is called adu... Read More »