Should I get rid of my horses if I am allergic to them, or take allergy shots?

Answer I can only tell you that if I was allergic to my cats, I would be taking the shots. Who's to say the new owners will treat your pets as well as you do?? I would feel guilty if they went to owners... Read More »

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Is it unusual/stupid to order shots of vodka at a bar?

I don't consider it stupid but less than frugal to be sure. Vodka is a cheap spirit and one that has little if any rewarding experience other than the intoxicating effect. When out I try drinks tha... Read More »

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If you take insulin shots, will your body become dependent on the shots?

You would only be taking insulin shots if your body is no longer producing insulin on its own any longer. If your body is no longer producing insulin, then you need the shots. Your body is not depe... Read More »