What is the shortest amount of time to run pool filter per day?

Answer A good rule of thumb is one hour for each 10 degrees water temp. IE: 60* six hrs. You can cut back in cold temps and when pool is not in use. Answ:: Another rule of thumb, practiced by me, is that... Read More »

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What plants take the shortest time to grow?

Annual, perennial? Annual - plants last one year but flowers for several weeks to several months normally. Perennial - flowers every year but only for a couple of weeks. What means short, th... Read More »

What is the shortest time allowed for flight layovers?

The shortest layover time allowed is about 30 to 35 minutes. Airlines and airports like to minimize the amount of time between layovers; however, some layovers are much longer than others. Thirty... Read More »

What time of year does Antarctica have its shortest days& longest nights?

The shortest days and longest nights in Antarctica occur from March through October. There is no sun during this time, as the sun will set in March and will not rise again until October. Winter in ... Read More »

What is the fastest quarter-mile time for a car?

As of June 2010, the record for the fastest quarter-mile time in a car belongs to drag racer Tony Schumacher, who in his Top Fuel car went a quarter mile in 4.428 seconds in Pomona, California.Refe... Read More »