What is the short term capital gains tax rate?

Answer Your short-term capital gains tax rate is equal to the maximum rate of your ordinary income. Short-term capital gains can result when you hold an asset for less than one year.Source:The Investment ... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between Short-Term & Long-Term Capital Gains and Losses?

Capital gains and losses are classified as "long-term" or "short-term" for income tax purposes. If an individual holds property for more than one year before selling it, the gain or loss on the sa... Read More »

How to Calculate Capital Gains on Short Term Investments?

A capital gain is profit earned on shares, stocks, bonds, real estate or goodwill, the value a company has because of its reputation. If you buy any of these assets and later sell them for more tha... Read More »

Are long-term bonds more sensitive to interest rate changes than short-term bonds?

On One Hand: Long-Term BondsThose who hold long-term bonds can see many interest rate changes during the term of the bond. As interest rates rise, the value of a long-term bond decreases.On the Oth... Read More »

What is a short-term interest rate?

Short-term interest rates are the interest rates applied to loans or government paper that mature in one year or less. Other names referring to short-term interest rates include treasury bill rate ... Read More »