What is the shooting rate of BenQ's GH600 and how many AF points does it have?

Answer Don't get too excited about this camera, though they have improved the sensor compared to the previous models (Sony now compared to earlier Adaptus sensors).This camera uses "Contrast Detection" fo... Read More »

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Shooting pain through arm 10 POINTS?

It could be something as simple as you pulled a weird muscle or something, and it reacts whenever your arm is in a certain position. Try to take note of what position your arm is/what you just did ... Read More »

What do points mean on a mortgage rate?

Points are a closing cost paid to reduce the interest rate on the loan. When you pay points, you pay a larger cost at closing but lower interest rates over the life of the loan.CostsEvery point tha... Read More »

Rate me please.Easy points!?

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Should you pay mortgage points to lower your rate?

On One Hand: Lower Interest RateWhen you pay points, the interest rate on your loan is reduced. Each point typically costs 1 percent of your mortgage and reduces your interest rate by about 0.25 pe... Read More »