What is the severe pain in the pelvic area when walking after a prenatal exam?

Answer On One Hand: Round Ligament PainDuring pregnancy, pain in the pelvic area can be attributed to the round ligaments stretching. These ligaments support the growing uterus and can become painful as t... Read More »

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Severe pain in lower back, legs, bum and pelvic area, Need answers ASAP?

She has pinched muscles in her back causing the pains there. The pinched muscles look the same as those that aren't pinched when viewed on the scans so the problem always gets missed. This tighte... Read More »

What causes severe pelvic pain late in pregnancy?

There are 2 main causes of "normal pains and pressure" in pregnancy. The first is simply caused by the weight of the baby (plus fluid and placenta) in your uterus baring down in your pelvis. The s... Read More »

Severe right side pelvic and back pain.:(?

Go to the ER. You are describing the symptoms of appendicitis. It could be something else, but please get checked.

Is it normal to have really bad pain after a pelvic exam?

While minor bleeding is normal after a pelvic exam, tell your physician if you experience pain. A feeling of slight pressure is common during the exam, but pain during or after the procedure--espec... Read More »