How to Recite the Greek Alphabet?

Answer This article will show you how to recite the Greek Alphabet, and you will learn one more alphabet!

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What do the letters in the Greek alphabet mean?

The 24 letters of both the ancient and modern Greek alphabet are phonetic, in that one sign equals one sound or articulation, and so they do not carry meaning as pictures or symbols. However, the h... Read More »

Ways to Learn the Greek Alphabet?

The Greek alphabet is one of the earliest ever created, dating back to 1000 BC, and is the oldest alphabet still in use. At first glance, the letters may seem odd, however, the Latin alphabet (whic... Read More »

If you had to use every letter of the alphabet...?

(Boy/Girl)Asher/AlexisBryce/BaileyCaleb/CaelynDylan/DesiraeElliot/ElodieFinn/FaithGabriel/GraceHunter/HaydenIsaac/ImenyJace/JordenKole/KylieLevi/LilyMason/MorganNoah/NaomiOwen/OlesiaParker/PeytonQu... Read More »

Choose a name from each letter of the alphabet.. (:?

A - AmeliaB - BriannaC - CharlotteD - DelilahE - EdenF - FaithG - GeorgiaH - HannahI - IslaJ - JasmineK - KaitlinL - LilaM - MadeleineN - NaomiO - OliviaP - Peyton (hate this on a girl, but was the... Read More »