What is the setting for an 800 x 800 pixel picture?

Answer Obviously depends on quality of the pictures, but you should get about 300-500.

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How big is a 600 pixel x 600 pixel picture?

If you want to enlarge a picture to 20x30 is an 8 pixel camera good enough?

Answer Yes. I just photographed some of my stepmother's beaded jewelry (close ups), photoshopped the image and she was able to print it through snapfish as a 20 x 30 without any problem. She had ta... Read More »

How many picture will a 4 mega pixel hold cannon 79si?

Most Canons use SD cards. There could be variations, though, especially if it is an older camera.

Why is my desktop picture stretched out even the photographs !!! tried setting it fit to screen too no joy!!!?