What is the set up for steam distillation?

Answer Steam distillation requires specialized equipment, but is a relatively easy setup. All glass equipment is designed to fit together without connectors, although lab clamps are a helpful safety preca... Read More »

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What is steam distillation?

While all distillation entails separation, steam distillation is effective in separating temperature sensitive materials. It is most useful for organic compounds. The process purifies the material ... Read More »

What is the theory of steam distillation?

Invented by a Persian physicist named Ibn Sina around 1,000 years ago, steam distillation extracts compounds in a pure form. The process is typically used on organic compounds.SteamSteam distillati... Read More »

Steam Distillation Methods?

Every substance boils at a different temperature. This allows the process of distillation to purify drinking water, oils, medicines, and more. Distillation can eliminate germs, poisons and even hea... Read More »

Definition of Steam Distillation?

Distillation is a commonly used method to separate liquids. Steam distillation is a process by which volatile organic compounds are separated from non-volatile inorganic salts. Most of the organic ... Read More »