What is the serving size for wine?

Answer According to the Consumer Federation of America, a standard serving of wine is five ounces. This is markedly less than a standard serving of beer, which is 12 ounces, but greater than a standard se... Read More »

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What is the barley wine serving temperature?

Barley wine is a type of beer with a high alcohol content. Most experts agree that barley wine should not be served too cold, as that diminishes its flavor. Instead, it should be served between 57 ... Read More »

What is the serving size on a big bag of m&m's?

Ever since M&M's were introduced to servicemen during World War II, kids and adults have enjoyed the colorful candy. One serving size of M&M's is 30 pieces or 21g. A serving has 103 calories, 4.4g... Read More »

What is a trans-fat serving size?

Trans fats are less healthful than other types of fats found in foods. Food companies add hydrogen to liquid food oil to make the oil solid, which increases the product's shelf life. A longer shelf... Read More »

What is the serving size of an avocado?

One serving of avocado is 1/2 cup of the cubed fruit, or 75 g, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends 2 tbsp. of mashed avoca... Read More »