What is the selvage line in sewing fabrics?

Answer Clothing patterns, sewing instructions, quilting books and even knitting patterns often refer to the selvage line of the fabric, which can cause some confusion for those new to the fabric arts. The... Read More »

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Tips on Sewing Slinky Fabrics?

Slippery or slinky fabrics can be a challenge to sew, especially for those who are new to sewing. Fabrics like silk and satin are particularly challenging. If it is your first time sewing with a sl... Read More »

What sewing machine needle should I use on sequined fabrics?

You should use a large needle for working with sequined fabric, usually between sizes 90/14 and 100/16. It's also wise to keep extra needles on hand in case one breaks. If you're having trouble wor... Read More »

What sewing needle should I use on the sewing machine with 100 percent polyester?

When sewing 100 percent woven polyester fabric, use a universal-type needle in a size appropriate for the weight of your fabric. When sewing on a 100 percent polyester knit fabric, use a ballpoint... Read More »

Why is my sewing machine not sewing the buttonholes properly?

EDITED TO ADD:Wow, that is a wonderful example of a buttonhole that needs to be balanced! The procedure is in the manual, called "adjusting the buttonhole". If you have misplaced the manual, yo... Read More »