What is the security code on a credit card?

Answer The security code is a 3- or 4-digit number printed on a credit card. It was created as an extra security measure to prevent fraud. Providing the security code when using a credit card online or ov... Read More »

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Where is the credit card security code located?

For Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card the security code is located on back of the card. The 3-digit code is in a box to the right of the signature box. An American Express security code is a 4-dig... Read More »

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What is a credit card code?

The credit card code, otherwise known as the card verification value (CVV), is a number on a credit card and is used as an additional password.Types of CVVThe CVV1 code resides in the magnetic stri... Read More »

What is a cvv code on a credit card?

The card verification value code (CVV) is an extra set of numbers on a credit card. It is used as an authentication procedure that was established by credit card companies in order to prevent fraud... Read More »