What is the secret to making perfect pasta that doesnt stick together?

Answer First off, don't use oil. I watch Foot Network all the time and you know this. The main reason pasta sticks is this ........ CHEAP PASTA STICKS ! Buy a high quality pasta brand like Barilla and you... Read More »

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How to Make the Perfect Pasta?

These quick and easy steps will ensure that your pasta is cooked to perfection. And the pasta dish you've always wanted to serve to your guests will wow them!

How to Make the Perfect Cheesy Pasta?

Try this simple recipe. Make a cheesy pasta.

Why does tomato sauce stick to pasta?

Whether you choose strands, such as spaghetti, or a shape, such as rigatoni, pasta and tomato sauce are a marriage made in heaven. A question many fans of the dish have asked is why the sauce, whic... Read More »

Which kitchenAid attachment works best for making pasta?

On One Hand: Ease of UseThe KitchenAid pasta roller makes sheets of pasta that are then cut into long noodles, which can easily be hung to dry, whereas the KitchenAid pasta maker requires feeding s... Read More »