What ingredient in coke stains teeth?

Answer No single ingredient in Coca-Cola or other soda drinks causes staining or teeth discoloration. A combination of the brown caramel coloring and sugar and damage from the acid in the drink will, over... Read More »

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Does Coke cause teeth discoloration and if so what ingredient in it causes this?

%REPLIES% Answer Yes, Coke is one of the many drinks that can cause teeth staining. A cleaining in a dental office should remove all or most of the stains. I'm not sure the ingredient that stain... Read More »

What is the secret ingredient in coca cola?

When it was first made in the 1800's it was cocaine. Now its just suger, gum, acids, sugar, carbonated water, sugar, flavors, colors, and sugar.

What is the secret ingredient in bimini bread?

In many culinary circles, as well as within families, the entire bimini bread recipe is a treasured secret. As with all dishes, different recipe forms are used by different cooks. However, if a par... Read More »

What is the secret ingredient to making the best chili?

On One Hand: It's subjectiveAs the experts at Chili Stuff point out, a special type of bean may be the secret that makes a bowl of chili great for one person, while a particular kind of meat may be... Read More »