What is the shortest phase of a cell cycle?

Answer The cell cycle is divided into four phases: G1 (Gap 1), G2 (Gap 2) S (Synthesis) and M (Mitosis). Mitosis is the shortest phase in the cell cycle. This is the point where the cell divides into two ... Read More »

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How to Distinguish Between Cell Division in Both the Plant & Animal Cell?

Animal cells and plant cells, while similar in function, behave differently and use their varying parts for special purposes. When studying the differences between how each cell divides, you should... Read More »

What Initiates Cell Division?

Cell division takes place as part of the complicated and repetitive process of the cell cycle. Regardless of whether they are prokaryotes or eukaryotes, all cells undergo the various stages of the... Read More »

What Are the Two Main Stages of Cell Division?

There are two major types of cell division -- mitosis and meiosis. In addition to mitosis, the process of cytokinesis is involved in the division of cells. In plants, the cells produced through the... Read More »

What is the stationary phase&the mobile phase?

Chromatography is an analytical tool used by chemists to separate components of a mixture. The two main features are the stationary phase and the mobile phase.Stationary PhaseThe stationary phase s... Read More »