What is dot matrix printer speed rating lines per minutes&characters per second?

Answer Dot matrix printers are typically rated in characters per second. You can expect speeds ranging from 330 to 1,550 characters per second in draft mode, assuming 10 characters per inch. Given an 8-... Read More »

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What brand of phone was used in the movie"The Matrix"?

The phones featured in "The Matrix" were Nokia Stilettos, also known as the Nokia 8110. Prompted by the popularity of the film, Nokia sold a limited amount of these phones in Australia and Europe.R... Read More »

Who were the window washers in the movie The Matrix?

Directors Andy and Larry Wachowski of "The Matrix" were scripted to act as window washers in the film, but safety concerns led to their replacement by stunt coordinator Glenn Boswell and stuntman L... Read More »

What is one-billionth of a second called?

A billionth of a second is called a nanosecond. Measurements in the metric system are named by a prefix that denotes their power of 10 followed by the quantity that is being measured. Nano is the p... Read More »

What is the second wedding anniversary called?

The second wedding anniversary is traditionally known as the cotton anniversary. Appropriately, gifts made of cotton are given on the second anniversary. Cotton gift ideas include rugs, hammocks, l... Read More »