What is the second fastest animal in the world?

Answer Although commonly believed to be the fastest animal in the world, reaching up to 70 mph, the cheetah is actually only the second-fastest; cheetahs are second to peregrine falcons, which can reach n... Read More »

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What is the fastest aquatic animal in the world?

It's difficult to gauge which aquatic animal is the fastest because many factors are at work and underwater measurements historically have been imprecise. When you consider pure bursts of speed, ho... Read More »

What is the fastest animal in the world on land?

The cheetah is the fastest animal on land. These cats have the ability to run 70 miles per hour or 112 kilometers per hour. The animal that comes in second as far as speed is the gazelle.Source:Ext... Read More »

How to Write a Second-Grade Animal Report?

As a parent, you may find it challenging when your child's teacher sends home an assignment to write a report on an animal. In some cases, your second grader may have done some preliminary researc... Read More »

What was that children's show about an animal detective or a guy or animal in a trench coat that looked like a kangaroo or Bentley from The Jeffersons near a street lamp?

There was a short-lived- possibly originating in Australia, cartoon adaptatioin of Verne"s Around the world in eighty days- done as a cartoon show that had animal characters- also one with human ch... Read More »