Can a Michigan resident buy a ar15 rifle in Georgia?

Answer No. While it IS permitted under Federal law, Michigan law limits firearm purchases to Michigan and CONTGOUS states. States that share a border with Michigan. From Michigan State Code:The People of ... Read More »

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Are section 8 voucher transferable from Michigan to Georgia?

What was the score of the first Suns game? says the Phoenix Suns basketball franchise was created for the 1968-1969 season. The team won their opening game in 1968, beating the Seattle Supersonics 116-107. The Suns finished their fi... Read More »

What does a perfect game of Solitaire score?

In a standard timed game of solitaire on a Microsoft system, the highest score achievable with time bonuses is 24,113. The highest score possible on an untimed game is 745.References:Solitaire Game... Read More »

What is the official final score of a forfeited baseball game?

The official score of any forfeited Major League Baseball contest is 9 to 0. At other levels of play, you can determine the final score of any forfeit by simply giving the winning team a run for ea... Read More »