What is the scientific name of the sycamore tree?

Answer The sycamore is Acer pseudoplatanus.

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What is the scientific name for a sycamore tree?

The scientific name of the American sycamore tree, a tree that exists in much of the Eastern United States, is Platanus occidentalis. Two other sycamores are native to the United States---the Arizo... Read More »

How to Draw a Sycamore Tree?

Sycamore is a name which is applied at various times and places to three very different types of trees, that have somewhat similar leaf forms. Lets’ draw one! Note: You will need papers, pencils,... Read More »

How do I care for a sycamore tree?

Watering and FertilizerWater your sycamore tree frequently enough to keep the soil moist to the touch during the first year of its life, then reduce watering to once a week. Watch for drooping or y... Read More »

What is the Latin name for a sycamore tree?

The species name (sometimes referred to as the Latin name) of the American sycamore tree is Platanus occidentalis. The American sycamore can be found throughout the eastern United States and is con... Read More »