What is the scientific name of an earthworm?

Answer Biologists developed the binomial nomenclature system, which uses Latin to provide a unique scientific name for every living organism on earth. Lumbricus terrestris is the scientific name of the co... Read More »

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The Uses of an Earthworm?

Earthworms aren't the cutest creatures in nature. These slimy, wiggling, faceless critters probably give some people the willies. But they are actually harmless. More than that, they are quite usef... Read More »

How Does an Earthworm Eat?

Charles Darwin said of the earthworm, "It may be doubted if there are any other animals which have played such an important part in the history of the world as these lowly organized creatures." Ind... Read More »

Is an earthworm a flatworm?

While earthworms and flatworms are both part of the general worm family, they are not the same. Earthworms are segmented worms, or annelids, and live in and eat soil. Flatworms are part of the Phyl... Read More »

Is the earthworm an insect?

On One Hand: Earthworms are AnnelidsAnimals are grouped in subdivisions called phyla. The earthworm is part of the phylum Annelida. This phylum contains more than 9,000 known species. According to ... Read More »