What is the scientific name for the black walnut tree?

Answer The scientific name for the black walnut tree is Juglans nigra. Juglans is from the Latin "Jovis," for the god Jupiter, and "Glans" means nut or acorn, referring to the fruit of the tree. Nigra com... Read More »

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How do i kill a black walnut tree?

Cut It DownCut down your black walnut tree with a chainsaw or large handsaw. Make the cut as low to the ground as possible. Cut the tree into manageable sections and have it removed by a profession... Read More »

How do I trim a black walnut tree?

Trimming Black WalnutPrune off dead branches or those infested with pests. In young trees, develop a main leader stem by pruning off low forks. Do not cut branches thicker than 2 inches, and prune ... Read More »

What will grow under a black walnut tree?

Plants that are not sensitive to juglone, the toxic chemical released into the soil by a black walnut, will thrive under a black walnut tree. Marigolds, zinnias, pansies, hostas and common daylilli... Read More »

How old will a black walnut tree be before it produces nuts?

Black walnut trees start bearing nuts when they are 10 years old, but begin to produce the best nuts after 30 years. Trees with large crowns growing in open areas tend to produce more nuts than sma... Read More »