What is the scientific name for 'small leaved' shrubs?

Answer Microphylla is the scientific name for 'small leaved'. It comes from the Greek for '[having] small or tiny leaves'. The word isn't used just to describe small leaved shrubs. So for example, it also... Read More »

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What shrubs/bushes can i plant in a small common area in front of my townhouse?

You didn't say how big a bed you have or where you live, but there is a miniature boxwood that might work. Slow growing, never too big and can take that eastern light. Look at the Buxus sinica insu... Read More »

Plants & Shrubs That Stay Small?

Keep landscaping plants and shrubs small by planting dwarf and low-growing varieties in cases where you need keep them from spreading out of control or blocking features of your property. These shr... Read More »

Small Evergreen Shrubs for Sunny Locations?

Small evergreen shrubs keep most of their leaves throughout the year to provide a constant burst of color to the garden. Low-growing, they make ideal foundation shrubs and hedge plants when grown i... Read More »

Shrubs With Small, Oval Berries in the Fall?

Shrubs are deciduous and evergreen species of plants that have a spreading formation and typically grow from 1 to 20 feet in height. Many landscapers use shrubs as ornamental plants for hedges, pri... Read More »