What is the scientific name for fescue?

Answer Fescue (sometimes called "meadow" grass) is a drought and cold-resistant grass that grows in the northern United States. Its scientific name is Festuca pratensis; it's a member of the Poaceae famil... Read More »

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Is fescue toxic?

According to the Rural Heritage Vet Clinic, much of the fescue grass grown in North America produces an "endophytic fungus" that is toxic to animals such as sheep, cattle and horses. These animals ... Read More »

Can you cut fescue in the winter?

Fescue grass should only be mowed in the spring, summer and fall. In the spring and fall, fescue should be mowed to 2 inches in height. During the hot summer months, it should be kept at 3 inches t... Read More »

How do I mix fescue& bluegrass?

CalculationsDetermine proportions desired for seeding. Typical applications use 80:20 fescue to bluegrass. Shadier areas or more dry areas may desire higher fescue (up to 50:50), according to the U... Read More »

Fescue Species?

Fescues are cool-season perennial turf grasses which originated in Europe. Two types of fescue -- tall fescue and fine fescue -- grow in lawns and gardens. Fescues generally prefer dry, well-draine... Read More »