What is the scientific name for an orchid?

Answer It depends which one but they all come under Orchis.

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What should I do with this orchid?

They are top heavy.The site tells when and where to cut them.

How do I look after my orchid?

Orchids do not like lots water nor sun. Orchids love to be crammed in pots. The roots you are referring to is normal for a healthy Orchid. Those roots should be misted a little bit every few days t... Read More »

Any orchid experts around?

They are an extremely complicated species(though some species are very easy to grow) sometimes, but how beautiful they are indeed. What I know is that every orchid species has it's specific requi... Read More »

How do I revive an orchid?

Watering the OrchidWatering is key to reviving an orchid, but finding the right amount of water you need is an art. Generally, you should water your orchid approximately once a week. However, you m... Read More »