What is the scientific name for aboli flower?

Answer Crossandra infundibuliformis, is known by the common name, aboli. For additional information please see the related link below.

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What is the scientific name for the tulip flower?

The scientific name for tulips is Tulipa gesneriana. "Dulband" is the Latin word from which "tulip" was derived. "Dulband" means turban, the shape of which the tulip flower resembles. Tulips were f... Read More »

What is the Scientific name for dog tooth flower?

What is the scientific name of the poppy flower?

Poppy flowers originated in ancient Sumeria, where they were called "hul gil" or flower of joy because of their medicinal use to relieve pain. The scientific name is Papaver somniferum, which means... Read More »

Scientific name of ganda flower?

I found this synonym listed for Ganda Flower - common milkwort, Polygala vulgaris, I do not know if is the right one though...check it out