What is the scientific name for a lime tree?

Answer Citrus aurantifolia is the scientific name for the lime tree. Lime trees are tropical citrus fruits that do not survive cool weather. These tart fruits are used in cooking throughout the world. Lim... Read More »

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How Is a Lemon Tree Different From a Lime Tree?

Lemon and lime trees are both cold-tender citrus trees grown in home and commercial orchards. Both have mostly tart varieties with some sweet ones available. Lemon and lime are often combined as a ... Read More »

Where did the lime tree originate?

The lime tree originated in Southeast Asia or India, according to the website Citrus Tree Care. No one knows when the lime tree was first cultivated because surviving records do not distinguish th... Read More »

How do I identify a lime tree?

HeightCheck the height of the lime tree. Lime trees are typically between 6 1/2 and 13 feet tall, though some can grow more than 100 feet high.LeavesLook at the leaves to determine if the lime tre... Read More »

How do i pollinate a lime tree?

Single TreeDust the inside of the lime blossom with a cotton swab. Move to another flower on the same tree and dust the inside of that flower. Repeat the process until you have dusted every blossom... Read More »