What is the scientific name for a dogwood tree?

Answer Dogwood trees that grow in North America belong to the Cornaceae family. The flowering dogwood has the scientific name Cornus florida, while another abundant type, the alternate-leaf dogwood, has t... Read More »

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What is the scientific name for the flowering dogwood?

Cornus florida is the scientific name assigned to the flowering dogwood, an attractive tree that grows in the wild across much of the eastern part of the United States. According to the University ... Read More »

What is the dogwood tree used for?

The flowering dogwood tree is considered an ornamental tree and is commonly used in both residential and commercial landscapes. This woody ornamental makes a great understory in forests and produce... Read More »

What ph does a dogwood tree need?

The dogwood tree is not finicky in terms of what conditions it will grow under, and thrives in a variety of conditions. When planting a dogwood, the soil pH of the selected site should ideally be ... Read More »

Can the dogwood tree be the color red?

The dogwood tree can be red in color. In fact, there is a type of dogwood called the red dogwood, or Cornus florida "Rubra." In the spring, these trees will put out deep pink or red blooms. In the ... Read More »