What is the scientific definition of anxiety?

Answer It is human nature to worry about certain situations, whether financial, social, or personal. However, uncontrolled anxiety can develop into a clinical disorder. Fortunately, anxiety can be dealt w... Read More »

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What is the definition of speech anxiety?

According to the University of Southern Mississippi, some of the most common symptoms of speech anxiety are butterflies in the stomach, clammy palms, and knocking knees. Roughly 70% of people have... Read More »

How to cure anxiety without medication (anxiety that is built by nothing)?

I used to have the same issues as you described. It sounds like you suffer from GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). I would worry and dwell about the dumbest things, and built my mind up with the "... Read More »

Could all of that be just anxiety?

Anxiety does cause irregular heart beat and palpitations. Believe me your heart didn't stop for more than 2 seconds. If it stopped for more than 5 seconds you would be unconscious. Unless you have ... Read More »

HELP please is this anxiety?

You probably have anxiety and some stress in your life at the moment, this causes you to think the way you do and have panick attacks. You might still be grieving also after your grandad had died ... Read More »