What is the science of whitewater rafts?

Answer Each spring, rivers and streams swell with runoff from mountain snowmelt, attracting thousands of rafting thrill seekers to their waters. Scientific advancements in recent years have changed the fa... Read More »

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How are whitewater rafts made?

Each year, thousands of enthusiasts take to the rivers in pursuit of whitewater adventure. Specialized materials and careful manufacturing produce rafts designed for durability and maneuverability.... Read More »

What is whitewater kayaking?

Whitewater kayaking is the form of kayaking done in swift-moving water in a small agile boat, propelled by a paddle and the current. Inland waters that cascade through and around mountains, churn t... Read More »

What Kid's game show of the early 90s did they raced rafts in a pool?

What kind of equipment is used to whitewater raft?

Whitewater rafting can be an exciting and enjoyable outdoor experience. Riding a river current in a raft showcases the power and beauty of nature. Whitewater rafting equipment is designed to provid... Read More »