What is the science of whitewater rafts?

Answer Each spring, rivers and streams swell with runoff from mountain snowmelt, attracting thousands of rafting thrill seekers to their waters. Scientific advancements in recent years have changed the fa... Read More »

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How are whitewater rafts made?

Each year, thousands of enthusiasts take to the rivers in pursuit of whitewater adventure. Specialized materials and careful manufacturing produce rafts designed for durability and maneuverability.... Read More »

How to Patch Inflatable Rafts?

Inflatable rafts have uses ranging from whitewater rafting to lounging on the lake to use in rescue missions. These rafts are made of plastic material, making them lightweight, waterproof and susce... Read More »

Do coach passengers have rafts?

Federal air regulations mandate a life preserver for each of a plane's occupants as well as enough life rafts to accommodate all of a plane's passengers, including those flying in coach. There must... Read More »

How to Make Rafts From Bamboo and Tubes?

Bamboo, the giant panda's delicacy of choice, is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth. According to David Farrelly, author of "The Book of Bamboo," the giant grass has been known to grow as m... Read More »