What is the Sales Tax in Tennessee?

Answer The state of Tennessee has a 7 percent sales tax. Most Tennessee localities charge a 2 percent sales tax. Local taxes can fluctuate between 1 percent to 2.75 percent. Some foods carry a 5.5 percent... Read More »

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What is the sales tax rate on a new car purchase in Tennessee?

The sales tax rate on new cars in Tennessee ranges from 7 percent to 9.25 percent. The basic sales tax rate is 7 percent, and local governments can add 2.5 percent to the total. Car dealers offer m... Read More »

What is the standard deduction for sales tax in Tennessee?

As of 2010, the standard deduction for sales taxes in Tennessee varies depending on the number of exemptions you claim and the income range you fall in. The IRS provides these figures; they range f... Read More »

What is the sales tax rate for Montgomery County, Tennessee?

According to 2009 county government statistics, Montgomery County, Tennessee, has a local option sales tax of 2.5 percent that is added to other sales taxes. Excluding the local option tax, state s... Read More »

Tennessee Sales Tax Rules?

Sales and use taxes are a crucial piece of revenue for state and local governments all across the United States. They allow for direct collection of taxable revenue at the point of sale from anyone... Read More »