What is the salary of midwife in Dubai?

Answer Basic salary in a Dubai hospital for a staff midwife is low. Around 9000 dirhams/month. Tax free though. And then you will get some allowances - depending on how many years of experience you have. ... Read More »

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What is the average salary in Dubai?

The average salary earned in Dubai as of 2010 is just above $50,000. People come to Dubai for work because the weather is warm and because income is not taxed. There is no minimum wage for workers ... Read More »

What is the salary of a midwife?

A job of a midwive is to be personally responsible for the health of both mother and child and only refer to obstetricians if there are medical complications.

What is the average salary of a software engineer in Dubai?

Software engineers are a vital part of the growing economy and technology sectors in Dubai. The average salary of this profession in the capital of the United Arab Emirates is approximately 183,000... Read More »

What is the starting salary of a midwife?

Yes it does but the most children you have the less it hurts.