What is the salary of a sports nutritionist?

Answer The average annual salary for a sports nutritionist as of March 2010 is $44,000, according to How much experience you have, what type of company you work for and geographical locat... Read More »

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The Role of a Sports Nutritionist?

A sports nutritionist helps create an eating plan for an athlete to ensure that individual is ingesting the proper amount of calories, nutrients and vitamins. Often the nutritionist will break this... Read More »

Sports Nutritionist Careers?

Sports nutrition is the study of nutrition in physical activities or sports. This specialized career field works alongside athletes, physiotherapists, coaches and trainers to get athletes to perfor... Read More »

Sports Nutritionist Starting Salaries?

A career as a sports nutritionist can be a rewarding job through promoting healthy eating habits and recommending dietary modifications for better health. Sports nutritionists address issues from w... Read More »

How much school is needed to be a sports nutritionist?

State requirements may vary in terms of licensure, certification or registration, but a sports nutritionist should have at least a bachelor's degree in dietetics, food and nutrition. You may be req... Read More »