What is the salary of a licensed massage therapist?

Answer A licensed massage therapist earns on average a salary of $66,446 per year. This figure includes a U.S. median base amount of $46,394 and an additional $20,052 in bonuses and benefit payments.Sourc... Read More »

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The Difference Between a Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist?

The difference between certification and licensed massage therapy is in the legalities. Knowing what your locale requires is essential to operating as a professional massage therapist.

Can i become a licensed massage therapist in more than one state?

With most things like this, the answer is yes, provided that the school in Nebraska is properly accredited. The licensing requirements may be different, so be sure to check into the laws and regula... Read More »

The Best Cities for a Licensed Massage Therapist to Live & Work In?

There are many enticing things about a massage therapy career. You can be your own boss and actively help people feel better, yet live in a variety of locations. Certain cities are better for massa... Read More »

What is the salary or wages for a massage therapist?

The American Massage Therapy Association notes that on average, a massage therapist working 15 hours per week earns $31,500 annually. Massage therapists enjoy flexible hours and the satisfaction of... Read More »