Which state has the safest driving record?

Answer According to Forbes, in 2009, Rhode Island had the safest drivers. Rhode Island attributes its low amount of traffic fatalities to a public awareness campaign and strict laws on blood-alcohol conte... Read More »

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What is the safest SUV?

On One Hand: Safest in 2009The safest small-sized SUVs as of 2009, according to, are the Honda CR-V and the Nissan Rogue. In the midsized range, the Toyota Highlander, Subaru Tribeca, M... Read More »

What is the safest convertible car?

The federal government tests all passenger cars and trucks released each year to determine how they might hold up in a crash. According to tests of 2009 models, the Nissan 350Z roadster is the safe... Read More »

What is the safest minivan?

On One Hand: Size Is ImportantThe larger the minivan, the lower the fatality percentage. This is due to a number of factors, including mass in an accident and the naturally low center of gravity in... Read More »

What is the safest seat in a car?

you answered your own question... it is almost all dependent on the type of accident and location of impact, other factors are relatively insignificant to that