What is the safest minivan?

Answer On One Hand: Size Is ImportantThe larger the minivan, the lower the fatality percentage. This is due to a number of factors, including mass in an accident and the naturally low center of gravity in... Read More »

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What SUV or minivan is the best for me?

On One Hand: Specific Needs.Many people have very specific needs in mind when they buy a minivan or SUV--perhaps they want the highest safety-rated car for transporting their children, or want to g... Read More »

How to Buy a Minivan?

If your family seems to be running out of room in your compact or mid-sized car, it may be time to buy a minivan. Not only can this type of vehicle comfortably seat most families, but it can also p... Read More »

Is a hybrid minivan an SUV or a van?

A hybrid minivan is a van, as the term "hybrid" describes the powertrain used, not a particular body style. Hybrid vehicles use two sources to propel the vehicle: an electric battery at lower speed... Read More »

Is an SUV more popular than a minivan?

SUVs are more popular than minivans, especially if you include car-based crossovers or CUVs with truck-based SUVs. According to The Wall Street Journal, 91,111 SUVs were sold in June 2010 in the Un... Read More »