What is the safest cell phone to give to an eight year old child?

Answer YES

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How to Setup Cell Phone Tracking For A Child's Cell Phone?

As a parent, there are many reasons you may want to track your child's cell phone. Cell phone tracking can help you locate your child's lost cell phone, and can keep you notified of your child's wh... Read More »

What is a good age to get your child a mobile phone/cell phone?

I think that's a good age as she will also be going shopping with her friends without an adult now so I think you should give her a phone, even if it's just a basic one or an old one you used to ha... Read More »

What is an appropriate age for a child to have a mobile phone cell phone..?

11 is one of the best, i am 10 and have 2 mobiles

What is a good age to give your kids a cell phone?

I feel like 13 or so is a good age. Any earlier and I don't think the child would be able to understand the responsibility. The "teens don't need a cell phone until they're driving or moved out" is... Read More »