What is the safest above-ground pool cover?

Answer Answer No above ground pool cover is safe for little ones as adults can be in a rush and forget to "buckle down the hatches." Usually the covers that fit over the sides and are clipped down are the... Read More »

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How to Install a Winter Pool Cover on an Above-Ground Pool?

Many above-ground pools are closed down for the winter. This protects the pool and its equipment from the cold. One part of the closing process is the installation of a winter cover. Winter covers ... Read More »

Should I Cover My Above Ground Pool for the Winter?

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How do you keep rainwater off your above ground pool cover?

Answer Try putting an inflatable innertube or something like it underneath the cover. That can help move rainwater off the cover.You could also use some 2x4's or PVC pipe and make a tent-like appa... Read More »

Will renters insurance cover a in ground pool?

Insurance will cover nearly any thing if it is specifically included in the policy. However insurers wil try to get out of paying even legitimate claims if they can so I suggest that you make sure ... Read More »