What is the sac that forms around a baby called?

Answer amniotic sac.

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What is a procedure in which fluid from around a developing baby is removed to test for genetic disorder called?

You remember a childrens special that Fred gwynne did in either the late 1960's or early 70's that was on around Halloween called how what or witch can you get a copy of this program on vhs or DVD?

Fred Gwynne played Herman Munster- based on the Frankenstein Monster, in The Munsters, perhaps this was a special show. Munsters were one of a number of (occult) comedies on the silly side, like Ad... Read More »

What is it called when a baby has air and fluid around the lung instead of in the lung?

What are those projectors called that project a screen on all four walls around you?

I believe you are referring to the holodeck on the Starship Enterprise. These are not yet in mass production.