How to Make a Weedless Fishhook Out of Wire?

Answer Weeds are a nuisance for many anglers who target fish in heavy cover. Hooks with added weed guards are the top solution and allow the angler to fish through a weed bed without snagging large clumps... Read More »

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How to Remove a Fishhook from Skin?

Have you ever gone fishing and, no matter how careful you're being, a fishhook got caught in someone's skin? How can you get it out without harming them further?

What do i do I stepped on 2 rusty nails?

The vaccination for tetanus is rare in that it can be administered after the disease is first acquired as long as it is before the symptoms manifest themselves. I would go to the doctor right away ... Read More »

What happens if you get cut by something rusty?

You would start bleeding. You should try to clean out the wound because an infection has a high chance of starting. You should also go to the hospital.

My son cut his leg on rusty metal what should i do?

Go to the hospital and get a technie shot as soon as possible.