What is the royalty free music they use at ESPN?

Answer The Rankings come out every monday.

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What does royalty free music mean?

Royalty free music is music that you buy once, and the rights to it are then yours for a lifetime. You'd own the license on the music for a lifetime. You can then use that music behind slide shows ... Read More »

Where can I find "FREE" downloadable royalty-free music/sounds?

For royalty free music and a few fx, try the link below. I've never found a site that had a good range of free fx, but there are lots of sites where you can download a few - your search engine is ... Read More »

Music on wikipedia, is it public domain/royalty free?

Yes! The music on that page is free, as is most music on Wikipedia.As a rule of thumb: If there is a full work there, it is freely licenced.If there is only a fragment and of low quality, it is mos... Read More »

What is the meaning of royalty-free?

The author or creator of a work, whether it be music, a book or a commercial, often receives a royalty payment each time a copy of the work is sold or each time it is used. Royalty-free agreements ... Read More »