Roman Numeral Games?

Answer Roman numerals have been used since the early days of the ancient Roman culture, perhaps dating back to the pre-Roman Etruscans and Greeks, and remained in common use across Europe until the arriva... Read More »

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What does the roman numeral MCMLIII mean?

The roman numeral MCMLIII stands for the year 1953. The M stands for 1000, the CM stands for 900, the L stands for 50 and the III stands for 3. The numeral system was used in ancient Rome, and was ... Read More »

What does the Roman numeral MCMLXXII mean?

The Roman numeral MCMLXXII translates to 1972 in the Arabic numeral system commonly used today. The first "M" designates 1000. "CM" translates to 100 before 1000, or 900. "L" translates to 50, and ... Read More »

How to Convert Roman Numeral Subtractions?

A simple method of subtracting Roman numerals without converting them back into Arabic numbers is to not use the subtraction rule. The subtraction rule is what makes it more appropriate to write "I... Read More »

How to Convert a Roman Numeral to a Number?

Thousands of years ago, the Romans developed a number system in order to create a uniform system that could be used in business activities. This ancient system employs the use of letters that repre... Read More »