What is the role or function of glucose in food?

Answer Glucose is a naturally occurring sugar that serves as the fuel for human cells. Glucose is also generated in plants during photosynthesis, the conversion of sunshine to sugar.NamesGlucose is anothe... Read More »

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What is the role of glucose in food?

Glucose belongs to a class of nutrients known as simple carbohydrates. In fact, it is the most prominent simple carbohydrate in nature. Glucose acts as the structural building block for many disacc... Read More »

If for a diabetic person blurred vision is after taking food then it is due to high glucose or low glucose.?

It is usually from high blood sugar but it can also be from spiking real high and then crashing to a low. The only way to tell is to use your meter and test your blood. You would need to test bef... Read More »

Role of Incretins in Glucose Homeostasis?

Incretins are hormones which help to maintain glucose homeostasis. Incretins are found in the gut and control the release of another hormone, insulin, into the blood stream.

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