What is the role of the spleen?

Answer The spleen is a soft, fist-sized organ located just under the ribcage. While people can live without a spleen, doctors have learned that it performs several important functions in the human body.Re... Read More »

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How big is a spleen?

In an adult human body, the average size of the spleen is 12-by-7-by-4 cm (4.7-by-2.8-by-1.6 inches). Sometimes, doctors measure spleen size by multipling the three dimensions together, producing a... Read More »

Where is the spleen located?

A person’s spleen is located in the upper-left abdominal cavity behind the stomach and under the diaphragm, while also being in contact with the back side of the left kidney. The organ is held in... Read More »

Is EGF produced in the spleen?

Epidermal growth factor is not a product of the spleen. EGF has turned up in blood serum, urine and blood plasma. EGF contributes to cell growth, tumor growth, and healing wounds. Cancer cells ofte... Read More »